Friends is one of the best companion in this world, we can share our feelings, emotions, secrets and experiences with them. They are precious in our life; we can’t live in this world without our friends. They are the reason why we are strong; they can protect and save us. They are crazy, kind and like a real family. Friends assume a vital part in a man’s life. They support when one is dismal, they engage when one is desolate, and they listen when one has issues. There are assortments of companions: colleagues, classmates, and a great deal more. Every kind of companions is useful in one way or the other. Colleagues could take care of issues and stress pick up in the work environment. Companions from the group enlarge one’s imminent by presenting new individuals from various ranges. Companions that grew up with would share the bliss and misery one may has.Since everybody has distinctive identities, companions one searches for could be altogether different. In any case, there are some normal qualities shared among the greater part of the definitions. The three fundamental qualities that characterize a decent companion are steadfast, understanding, and empowering.

A home can be filled with love, joy and sorrow; it always has great memories and amazing people. We can create new memories in our home with our loved ones; it can be a place that can help us with anything, we can find some useful things at home, we can use some old accessories and clothes, we can make and fix them. So many things can be done at home; however, people nowadays invite their friends to overnight in their home to celebrate a small event, they can work in a project, want a small reunion or they just want to hang-out.

However, before we invite our friends we ought to clean first everything for them to relax and enjoy their surroundings. In overnight event, living room and bedroom is the most important part of a house. We should clean that area carefully; make some presentable designs, change some curtains, pillow and bed sheet. We can also search on the internet some ideas like bedroom storage hacks, cute style or color for display. A home with presentable and clean area can enlighten someone’s mood and day, it can give some emotions to them, and they can be happy or bright.

Having friends is not always good, there is also a bad effect, and however it’s up to you on how you can handle it. Sometimes you can found bad influence friends that they can change your life drastically, they can teach you some bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. People is not always good, there’s always bad ones. Nevertheless, a home can be your true friend; it is the place that helps you to identify yourself. It is the most important place in the world because a home is a place where you can feel various emotions and especially unconditional love.

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