A guide to prefabricated steel buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings are a common alternative to typical brick and wood constructions. In most cases, prefabricated steel buildings are more useful and less expensive than other types of structures.

The advantage of prefabrication is that whatever you decide to build, all the materials will be cut to the precise measurements at the warehouse and shipped to your site ready for assembly.

Here are some of the most common prefabricated steel buildings on offer in today’s market:


Garages are a great addition to any property as they provide an indoor parking space. Prefab steel garages can be custom built for the vehicles that you need to store and the activities that you need to do in them.

Garages come in different sizes and are easily customizable.

Moreover, they can be insulated quickly and double as workshop areas for storing your equipment and tools.


Many businesses are starting to opt for prefabricated steel as a building material for many reasons. Steel buildings can be made to accommodate commercial warehousing and double as office spaces for daily business.

By combining your office and warehouse into one capable building, you will experience a reduction in costs and higher efficiency.


In most cases, prefab steel buildings are used for storage purposes. Just like garages, storage buildings can also be designed in custom sizes with insulation, doors, and windows being optional.

Moreover, storage steel buildings can be made for clear span capabilities, making it easy to move large items in and out.


Aircraft hangars are usually constructed of steel. The best hangar designs are those that are made specific to the type of aircraft that you want to store.

A prefab steel hangar can be customized to specific widths, heights, and lengths to accommodate both small and large planes and helicopters.


For many years, farmers usually constructed wooden barns, which ended up lasting a long time. However, today’s farmers prefer steel structures. A prefabricated steel building can last a lot longer than its wooden counterpart.

Moreover, steel farm buildings can be easily insulated to house livestock and store farming equipment and products away from the elements. Like most prefab steel buildings, you can also ask for a customized design to meet your particular farming needs.



Prefab steel buildings can also make excellent arenas. From tennis courts and ice rinks to basketball courts and horse riding arenas, steel buildings can be customized to meet your sporting needs. Because of the overall width of an arena, steel is the superior choice because of its strength and limited need for center supportive beams.

Mini building kits

There is no such thing as a prefabricated building that is too small. Mini building kits are ideal for small-scale uses such as the storage of ATV’s, house lawn tractors, and dirt bikes. Mini building kits come in dual or single garage door structures.

Not only are they practical but also secure and durable. The best part of these structures is that they are easy enough to erect in a single day.

Whatever structure you want to build, make sure that you opt for prefabricated steel. The cost of putting up the building will be very low, as it will come ready to assemble.

You will just have to hire some people to build a foundation for your structure. Moreover, steel is a sturdy material that will last for many years with little to no maintenance.

You should give prefabricated steel building manufacturers such as FidelitySteel.com the right measurements for your structure. If you do not, you will end up making very costly adjustments later on.

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