Interior designs to freshen up your home

If you love your home you’ll want it to look fresh and be comfortable all the time and, in particular, when you have regular visits from family and friends. Of course it’s easy to get the latest look if you opt to decorate using the current shade chosen annually by, for example, Pantone, however that’s an expensive option if you’re making substantial changes year on year. Instead, look at some of these useful tips that will help you freshen up your home interiors without breaking the bank.

Use a light touch

A quick and simple way of freshening your home décor is to add splashes of color by using fresh flowers or bowls of fruit. This way you can experiment with a whole range of different colors without committing yourself to a permanent change. Obviously, if you’re pleased with the effects you may want to move on to make more lasting alterations, color wise.

Another easy and clever way to brighten your rooms is to change your throw pillows and cushions. These are inexpensive to buy and as with using fresh flowers you can try out a variety of color combinations without spending a fortune on expensive paint or new furniture.

In living rooms and dens you can make something of a statement if you organize your books by color rather than alphabetically or by subject. Normally, neat rows of books act like wallpaper and blend into the general ambiance of your rooms. When you arrange them according to blocks of color, however, you get a very different result.

In bathrooms you can use both fixed fittings and portable accessories to brighten the space. Changing shades on your lamps and matching the new ones with some new towels, particularly in striking colors such as sunshine yellow or sky blue, will give your bathroom a brand new look and it’s easy to change these small things at relatively low cost.

Spatial awareness

Your home will feel fresher and look more attractive if you learn to do two important things: make the most of your window openings and declutter fastidiously. In fact, clean clear lines are so important in home décor that you might want to consider doing away with fussy drapes altogether in favor of traditional or contemporary window shutters.

A reputable and reliable shutter company will be able to offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to styles and materials. You should ask for samples if you want to be sure about your final selection. Shutters are easily updated if you want to change the décor in your rooms and their clean lines will open up your window spaces and freshen your interiors.

Decluttering is something you may find you get lazy about after a time. Look around your home, especially the kitchen, and check just how many things are lying around ‘close to hand’ instead of being tidily put away. The answer is generally ‘too many’ so bring out your inner housewife and clear the decks, the better to fully appreciate your refreshed and comfortable surroundings.

Rotating artworks

If you don’t want to go to the expense of changing paint colors on all of your walls, you can always decide to move your decorative artworks around your home instead. After all, there are probably some lovely pictures hanging in parts of your home that guests rarely see. By moving these into more publicly accessible spaces you will be introducing new colors to your rooms, which will automatically refresh their appearance. This also offers you an opportunity to become reacquainted with paintings or sculpture that may have been in the same place for some considerable time and have gradually merged into the background.

Dining in style

Your dining room is one room where you may want to change your color scheme, particularly if you enjoy entertaining and like to give your guests something new to admire during dinner. If you’re on a budget you can always opt to paint just one feature wall and to recover your dining chairs to match. Adding a new chandelier or introducing fresh wall lights will also make an impact. New or unusual artwork and fresh flowers on your table will complete your revamped scheme to impressive effect.

Giving your home a makeover to make it more cheerful and friendly doesn’t have to cost the earth, and there are plenty of opportunities to refresh your living spaces so get your creative thinking hat on and check out what works for you.

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