How to choose your letting agent in Surrey

Landlords often have their own way of managing tenancies based on their prior experiences. Some of them may have bad experiences with their agents. Very soon they will realize that tenant management doesn’t pose a big challenge if they make use of their common sense and experience besides creating methodical mismanagement systems.

The benefits of choosing an efficient agent are too many when you exercise caution. Identifying a good letting agent gets easier when you check out a few things in advance.

What to look for in a good agent

Choose your letting agent on the basis of the following checklist:

  • Check out if your favorite agent is a member of the professional association of letting agents in Surrey. They must abide by the codes of conduct and other norms that are laid down by the authorities. For collecting deposits and rents, they must possess bonds and coverage for professional indemnity.
  • Letting agents Surrey must show the proof of attending staff training programs for certain duration.
  • Besides seeking documentary evidence, you must also inquire about their tenant vetting process. Check out if it looks convincing and thorough in all respects.
  • Are they carrying great testimonials and references from property dealers and landlords?
  • Identify their rent collection process, whether the money is sent to an individual client account and the duration within which it will be reflected in your account.
  • Identify their way of handling tenant deposits and the scheme that they use for protecting it.
  • Inquire what will happen to the deposit in case you decide on taking over the management. In general, you’ll want it to be shown in your account.
  • Inquire about the time frame within which periodic property inspections will be carried out. Know how frequently the property will be visited by the inspectors and if all things pertaining to tenants are actually running smoothly.
  • Keep an eye on their offices and ensure that everything is related to their business and seems to be well-organized. Check out their security consciousness, since they are dealing with a large volume of personal data pertaining to tenants. You must do this to ensure that they are indeed following the security guidelines and are registered for data protection.
  • Look out for the High Street reputation of these agents besides seeking information within the locality and doing some research on them. Besides checking out their experiences, you must also find out the tenure for which they have been in business.

You must conduct financial checks on their business in case you have any doubt in your mind or if you come across any challenge posed by your current or prospective agent. It will help you find out whether they are experiencing any problems related to debt.

You’ll be able to establish a good relation with your chosen agent if you follow the simple guidelines mentioned above. You’ll gain an insight into this letting process while using an agent during the initial years of your career as a landlord.

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