6 Steps to Take Before Moving Into Your New Home

The closing is over, and you finally own your new home. It’s time to move in, right? Not so fast. Before you bring the moving truck to your new place and start unpacking your stuff, you’ve got a few more things to do. Make sure the house is move-in–ready, inside and out, before you go through the hassle of moving furniture and unpacking all those boxes.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Whether the house you just bought has been empty for a while or the old owners just moved out, you want to know that your new space is clean. Before you move in, hire professional cleaners to scour every corner of the house. That way, the dust and debris left by the people who used to live there won’t remain. Any dirt that accumulated from the house sitting empty will be gone, too.

Hire Pest Controllers

Pest control professionals are used to implementing pest control measures while people are living in a house. It’s easier, however, if you haven’t moved in yet. Whether they need to tent, fog, or simply spray, the professionals will be able to kill existing pests and block new pests from entering the premises before you’ve moved all your stuff inside.

Make Upgrades

If you need new tile in the bathroom, new cabinets in the kitchen, or new windows, complete those upgrades before you move in. Trying to live in a house while you’re renovating it is frustrating and difficult. Moving is annoying enough on its own. Don’t move into a renovation situation. Get the renovations and upgrades done, then move into a home that’s exactly how you want it.


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Even if the only upgrading you’re doing is painting, get that done before you move. Covering your furniture with drop cloths and shifting everything away from the walls is a pain. You’ll have an easier time painting empty rooms, because all you’ll need is the drop cloth, the paint, and the painting supplies. You probably won’t need to hire professionals if you paint before you move anything in.

Remove or Install Flooring

Want to pull up the carpeting and replace it with vinyl or laminate? Wishing for more carpeting in the bedroom? Make your flooring changes before you’ve moved in. Otherwise, you’ll just have to move your stuff right back out of each room as you change the flooring.

Change the Locks

Ideally, the old owners handed over all their keys when you took possession of the house, but you never know. Maintenance people, real estate agents, and random neighbors all might have keys to the house that the previous owners didn’t track down. Switch out the locks so that you know exactly how many sets of keys exist as well as who has copies.

Do these things before you move in your stuff. It’ll take a few days, but the result is a clean, pest-free, and secure home. Plus, your updates will be done and the house will already show some of your personal style before you accessorize it with your stuff.

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