4 Things to Look for When Selecting A Lot in Dallas for Your New Home

Building a new home in Dallas, Texas, gives you much control over the house’s size, efficiency, and other features. You also get an opportunity to choose a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle and interests. Before you buy a lot for your new home, look for the following four features to make your life more enjoyable.

Nearby Parks and Other Amenities


Image via Flickr by Andrew Rollinger

Dallas has more than 380 parks, making the area one of the largest municipal park systems in the country. Some neighborhoods, however, offer better access to parks than others. For example, if you live near Trinity River, then you’re probably within walking distance of beautiful parkland, but not all neighborhoods are that lucky.

Selecting a lot near a large park will give you and your family a fun place to relax, play, and exercise.

Don’t base your evaluation on parks alone. You should also look for a lot near public libraries, shopping centers, movie theaters, and other amenities that your family wants to enjoy.

Access to Public Transportation

Living near a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) line allows you to easily reach other parts of Dallas without getting in your car. Everyone knows that rush hour in Dallas can cause serious headaches. If your home is near a bus, streetcar, or rail route, then you won’t have to worry about fighting traffic.

Many people rely on their cars so much that they forget that they can make life easier by using public transit. Building your Dallas home on a lot near a DART route will quickly show you that commuting by bus or rail gives you time to relax before the workday.

A Good School District

The Dallas Independent School District operates more than 200 public schools. With many options, you want to make sure that your children attend a school that matches their educational interests and needs.

Of course, where you live will determine which schools your children attend. Consult maps from the school district to decide which elementary, middle, and high schools serve the area where your lot sits.

Rising Home Values

You can’t always figure out whether an area’s property values will increase or decrease over time. If you could find out easily, then no one would lose money investing in real estate.

You can, however, make an educated guess that will help to make sure your new home becomes more valuable over the next one or two decades. Some up-and-coming Dallas neighborhoods include Highland Meadows, Lochwood, and Munger Place. If you can get a good price on a lot in one of these areas, you’ll have a good chance of turning a profit when you decide to sell your home.

You have several factors to think about before buying a plot of land for your new Dallas home. The features presented above matter most to families. Of course, you may have special concerns that most people don’t think about. Make a list of the areas that are important to you so that you can consider each plot of land objectively.

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