Portable Cooling Options for an Outdoor Event

Weddings, concerts and a host of other outdoor events often leave those in attendance far too warm to be comfortable. If you are planning an event that will take place outside during the hottest months of the year, consider taking steps to keep your guests cool. From fans and portable air conditioning units to tents and canopies, a little effort will help you make your event memorable for the right reasons.

While portable a/c is convenient on its own, combining it with industrial-sized fans will extend its reach without the cost or hassles associated with purchasing and using multiple outdoor air conditioners. Once you have determined where you can place the air conditioning unit, MovinCool suggests carefully arranging your large fans to ensure that they push the cooled air forward and out of earshot of large speakers. The sound interference can hinder your guests’ ability to hear, or cause damage to someone’s attire.

While holding an event in a tent or under a canopy may keep the sun off your guests, it will not necessarily lower the temperature; even though these items protect your guests from excessive sunlight, portable ac units may still keep them cooler. If you are planning a function on a personal budget or just have limited outside sponsorship, remember that portable climate control units are often available as rentals for those who cannot or do not wish to buy their own. The lower cost of renting may also make it possible to put more units to work, thereby making your guests even more comfortable.

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