What You Didn’t Know about Window Treatments

So many of us really neglect our windows, without even realizing it. Windows are incredibly important features in our homes, but we just don’t pay a lot of attention to them. In fact, it often isn’t until a window breaks that we start thinking about them. In fact, the only thing most of us do to our window, besides the occasional clean, is cover them with curtains and blinds. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, blinds tend to be neglected quite a lot as well. This is a shame, because they are actually such important things, that serve a number of purposes that you may not even have been aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the things you may not have known about blinds.

They Are Multifunctional

Blinds are very multifunctional things. They are timeless and very easy to manage, particularly if you choose Venetian blinds. They can help you control the warmth of your room, particularly if you choose Venetian blinds or shades. You can also use blinds to create the illusion of width and cleanliness. This really shows how important it is that you think about what you want your blinds to do for you before you start shopping for them. Perhaps you have fabric furniture, for instance, which can get destroyed by the UV rays of the sun, in which case you will need to purchase blinds that block UV lights. Don’t think that extra features cost the earth either, because they don’t. Don’t just buy anything, but actually think about your needs, in other words.

They Enhance Security

Blinds aren’t just there for decoration and light control, they actually enhance your security as well. When you choose your blinds, it is important to think about their opacity. Some blinds, for instance, filter out sunlight so that they look very private during the day, but these actually allow people to see straight into your home during the night. You have to think about this, because you don’t want your entire home to be visible to anyone as soon as it becomes night. In fact, the less people can see, the more secure your property becomes.

Blinds Require Maintenance

This is something too many people seem to forget about. While it is becoming more common for people to put a bit of thought into which blind they choose, they forget about them once they have made their decision and the blinds are installed. In fact, blinds need regular cleaning, and cleaning has to be done properly. Just like everything else in your house, they will collect dust. And just like everything else in your house, they come with their own care instructions in terms of what you can and can’t use to clean them. Follow these instructions and check how often cleaning is recommended as well.

What we do with our windows can really pull the look of a home together. However, as you can see, it is about more than looks alone. Spare a thought for the humble blind therefore.

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