What to Do Before You Move

If you are moving home, you will have to face quite a few challenges. It’s all too easy to become a bit overwhelmed with it all. Hopefully, the following tips will help you to make the move a bit easier.

Couple having a break from moving

The Basics

There are a couple of things you have to do in order to prepare your old and your new property for your move:

  1. Time it properly – can you do everything in a weekend, or will you have to take some time off work?
  2. Have you sorted all your utilities, like your gas, electricity, internet, television? They have to be switched off in one property, and switched on in your new home.
  3. Have you reported your change of address to your bank, the government, schools and so on?
  4. How will you move your belongings? You need to start looking for the best moving and storage DC has to offer so you don’t end up stuck.
  5. Have you started decluttering? Now is the time to get rid of things!
  6. What new things do you have to buy?

Timing Is Everything!

You have to make sure that you time things properly. Don’t leave anything until the last minute. Consider how long you think it will take you to remove everything out of your old home and install it in your new home, and be generous with this. You may think you can do it in a weekend, but taking a bit of time off work may be useful. Similarly, you have to book your moving company in on time as well.

Your Bills

There are a couple of bills and utilities that you have arrange:

  • Gas, water, electricity, telephone, television, internet all has to be switched off in one property and on in the next one.
  • Home insurance has to be arranged.
  • Your post has to be redirected.
  • You banks, credit cards, investments and savings need to know of your change of address.
  • Your school, personal physician and other such services must be rearranged.

Moving Home

Now comes the time that you actually have to move your belongings. Start by decluttering your property and get rid of anything you can get rid of. Try not to attach sentimental value to too many things. Also know what you can expect from your moving company. They may pack and unpack for you, move your boxes into the truck, supply you with boxes and so on. Or they may simply provide you with a truck, and you have to do everything else yourself.

These are all the important practical things associated with moving home. If you can get those right, then you will also have more time to spend on the less practical things, such as the emotional impact associated with moving home. Moving home is both an exciting and a stressful time of life and it is important that you recognize that, so you can look after yourself properly as well.

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