Tune Into the Five Senses to Help Sell Your House

If you are looking to sell your house, try to detach yourself and take a look objectively to see how you can make your house more appealing to potential buyers. Are you sure the cute cuddly toys in the window are going to appeal to the elderly couple with no children?


Make first impressions count. Give your garden some TLC. Paint your front door and add a shiny new door-knocker. Retouch the paintwork on windowsills and trim back any unruly bushes and trees in your garden. Do your best to make an impact on potential buyers as soon as they open your garden gate.


A musty smell will make your house feel dated and dirty, even if it isn’t. You may be used to the aromas of your home, so ask a friend for their honest opinion. Everyone loves their pets, but if they are a bit old and whiffy then it’s best to ask a relative to take care of them for the day. However, if you can make your cat curl up on the bed this may be a good touch to those whose hearts melt at the sight of a contented cat.


Offer your viewers coffee and some biscuits and ask them if they want to know any information about the area: local tips on restaurants, transport links and other positive aspects of living in the house.


Make sure you organise your viewings when you know you will have time to prepare the house beforehand. If there are major road works scheduled on the street with drilling and builders shouting, it can prove to be an eyesore and also a distraction from the tranquillity of your home, so try to work round it.


A lot of people like to experience things in a kinaesthetic way. So when they see what they may consider their dream home, online, it can actually translate in a positive or negative way during a viewing. So make sure it lives up to its expectations and pay attention to the little details.

Where to Save Money

Instead of using traditional estate agents, many people are now selling privately. Ritehome only charges a fixed-rate fee which means you don’t have to worry about being stung with extensive commission. With so much emphasis on shopping online, it seems that the process of selling your house is moving in the same direction. You should be pleased if it helps to reduce already-inflated administration costs.

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