Tips to choose the Best Tiles for your home

 Australian homeowners who are redecorating their bathrooms will appreciate being able to visit a showroom that displays a variety of tiles, baths and basins. A.B.L. Tile & Bathroom Centre has this type of showroom in one of Sydney’s suburbs. Customers can also see the company’s products at .
Shoppers who are interested in porcelain floor tiles will find them a in a variety of colors. There are light colors such as ash grey and beige. Those who prefer darker colors can buy tiles in steel grey, chocolate or charcoal. Porcelain wall tiles are available in the same colors as the floor tiles.

Customers can choose mosaic tiles in different colors and shapes. There are mosaic tiles in green, olive, grey and charcoal. Black and white mosaic tiles are available. Mosaic tile shapes include hexagons and squares. Glass mosaic tiles in sets with several colors can be purchased here. One set has black, white and red tiles. Another set has tiles in several shades of blue. Customers can choose sets with tiles in shades of grey or brown. Glass mosaic tiles are also available in solid colors to match most rooms. These tiles are available in dark shades of lilac, brown, green, blue and grey. Those who want tiles in light colors can buy them in blue, green, lilac, grey and white. Red, burgundy or silver tiles are also available.

People who are remodeling their bathrooms can choose freestanding baths or spa baths. Freestanding baths come in white, black or red. Customers can also buy steel baths. Square and oval freestanding baths are available. The spa baths have jets.

Those who want new basins to go with the new tiles and baths in their bathrooms can buy china, glass or stone basins to place above the counter. Most of the china basins are white. Clear or golden glass basins are available. Stone basins come in white, black or red. Pedestal basins and wall basins are also sold here. Some wall basins have storage shelves underneath.

Customers who want to add luxurious touches to their new bathrooms can buy heated towel rails or under floor heating kits here.

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