Tips for Selling Your House on a Budget

Everyone knows that buying a house is a costly business, and when you are selling a property the charges can mount up as well. There are, however, plenty of things that you can do to maximise the chance of a sale, whilst keeping your budget modest.


Simple DIY Tricks to Create Space

If your bathroom suite is looking a bit deflated then think about how you can do some small DIY tasks to transform the look of the room. To start with, could you give it a fresh lease of life with a new lick of paint? If you want to focus on the details – something that eagle-eyed viewers will definitely notice – then think about tiling your bathroom.

This is not everyone’s idea of a fun weekend activity, but it will make the world of difference to your bathroom. So on the next rainy day, why not just get stuck in? Your hard work will certainly pay off.

Go for a monochrome look if you don’t want to paint the entire room. Simply pick and choose black and white tiles to create a modern design. To create height in the room and to make more space, think about putting up some shelves, or, hang old shopping baskets from the walls and fill them with cosmetics and towels.


Maximise Your Outdoor Space with Minimal Budget

Even if you only have a teeny-tiny outside space, then make the most of it by getting creative.

Plant lots of pretty hanging baskets in bright colours; make your own balcony garden. Decorate pots and attach them to the balcony. Even if you can only fit a small chair outside, make sure to decorate it in a vibrant colour to make an impact.

You can entice your potential buyers into your balcony garden and make them imagine the prospect of a morning cup of coffee in their own private outdoor space.

Something like this could make all the difference – captivate their attention with your beautiful, inventive space.


Cut Costs by Using an Online Estate Agent

Current news reports suggest that more people are opting to sell their properties privately though online channels. A traditional estate agent can charge a hefty fee to take you through the process of selling your house. Most of us wouldn’t be confident going it alone, but instead, there is the option of using an online estate agent, such as House Network.  This company caters for a variety of budgets, there are fewer costs involved than a traditional estate agent, yet you still receive a wealth of services.

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