Three Essential Kitchen Trends for Your Dream Kitchen

The way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs, so it makes sense that the kitchen tends to be the heart of most homes. Kitchens are built for practical reasons – to aid in the storage and preparation of food. However, they’ve come to represent much more than their utilitarian purpose.


Kitchens have evolved into the central gathering place of a home, a place of great comfort and warmth. As a result, the kitchen is often first on a homeowner’s list of rooms to renovate. If you’re hoping to give your kitchen the makeover it deserves, here are three design trends worth considering:


Integrated Dishwashers


An integrated dishwasher is just a fancy name for a dishwasher that blends in with the rest of your kitchen. The front of the dishwasher looks just like another cupboard, fitting seamlessly into its surroundings. Whether you opt for rustic wood finishes or sleek, metallic push-to-open slabs, there’s no need for your dishwasher to appear differently than any other cupboard. As a result, the kitchen will feel less cluttered and more stylish. For a truly flawless layout, consider an integrated refrigerator too.


Bar & Stools


No matter how much you try to keep the kids, spouse, cat and dog out of the kitchen, it will inevitably be the room where your family congregates. So why not make it more inviting? Transforming one of your counter-tops in to a bar area for sitting, chatting and eating is a brilliant way to encourage kitchen socialising and discourage unwanted crowding. People can sit on stools on one side of the ‘bar’ and chat to the person who is cooking, without getting in their way.


Kitchen Fireplace


A fireplace – in the kitchen? It’s just crazy enough to work! This concept, which cited as one of the top trends in 2012, has continued to take off in the world of kitchen design. Kitchen fireplaces work particularly well if they exist on a dividing wall between the kitchen dining area and the living room. This is a brilliant way to create separate living spaces, but also bring the warmth of the kitchen into other areas of the home.


Of course, the most important part of building your dream kitchen is to make it your own. Incorporating these trends is a start, but adding your own personal touches will be the key to success.


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