Things You Shouldn’t Do When Trying to Sell Your House

Don’t Gas them With Pongy Perfume

We’ve all heard the advice: the smell of freshly baked dough floating round your house will appeal to those who come in for a viewing, and maybe lead to a sale, right? Although freshly baked bread is a tantalising smell that can make us all salivate at the thought, it is rather clichéd.

Many sellers have tried all sorts of tricks to woo the potential buyer, from scented spicy candles, to freshly roasted coffee. Some favour placing a huge bunch of lilies on the kitchen table which are not only fragrant but also easy on the eye. But how do you know what aromas are pleasing to your potential buyers? Err on the side of caution and remember not to go overboard.

Don’t Singe Their Nostrils with Clouds of Curry

Remember to air out the house if you are a smoker. People who do not smoke will be put off by the stale smell of cigarettes that clings to fabrics.

Save your experimental cooking for another time. Don’t cook a strong smelling meal such as a curry the night before you have a viewing. Sure, the smell of rich spices may be mouth-watering for some, but if you are not a fan it can be overpowering. Plus, the smell of day old onions and garlic can be nauseating. So think carefully about what smells you expose your house to.

Don’t Give Viewers the Cold Shoulder

If your house is cold it can be a real turn-off for potential buyers. Draughty houses with clattering windows can make potential buyers nervous when they consider the cost of making the place warm and cosy. Try to make your house appear warm and inviting and this will add to its appeal. If you can’t afford to get all your windows replaced, then how about getting some thick curtains that will prevent draughts?

Don’t Work Your Fingers to the Bone

Don’t cut corners with the tough stuff. The traditional route is to go with an estate agent, and to save cash you may be tempted to slash this service altogether and go it alone. Selling privately has its downfalls in that you have to do a considerable amount of work. However, you could moderate the costs by using a company such as Let’s Move You which advertises your house privately and provides help with services such as arranging viewings, negotiating offers and progress the sale through to completion.


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