The Inspired Bedroom

inspired bed room


If you want a look and feel in your bedroom that makes sleep not the natural result of uninspired boredom then all you have to do is take a step away from the traditional furniture store aisles and look at the covers of the NY Times bestsellers at the front of your local bookstore. A bedroom will of course have a comfortable bed with some pillows and a dresser with a mirror. Having those things in your bedroom is as inspirational as the alarm clock on the night stand. To plan a bedroom that says more than “hopefully I can get 6 hours of sleep before work”, you need to let the imagination take over a little.

The biggest difficulty in planning a beautiful bedroom design is the way in which we try to do it. If there is a place less conducive to imagination and fantasy than a big box furniture retail outlet than you would have a challenge to think of it. Seldom does speaking to a furniture salesman about the 10 year mattress warrantee and why the fabric protection plan is a bargain get your creative mind in the best of places. While everything they tell you has a purpose and would undoubtedly be useful information if you want to furnish a room of your home, if you want to design a bedroom that means more than a walk down the hall to sleep before another day at the office inspiration is a must.

Since the adult bedroom set in most homes would ideally bring thoughts of romance and passion as well as sleep, keep those thoughts in mind when you plan it. Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, and E L James have a better grasp of passion and romance than Fast Eddy’s Mattress Emporium so let your design ideas come from the covers of their bestsellers – masters of romantic fantasy.

The classic early European design like the ones at The French Bedroom Company offers the right mix of decadence, comfort, sophisticated style and imagination to make your bedroom the place you hope it to be. While romance and passion may come from within, there is no need to try to inhibit it by making the surroundings so mundane that that you hope for a dream to escape the reality of boredom. With the right combination of elegance and style mixed with true inspiration, your bedroom can become a room that fulfills potential.

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