The impact of flooring on interior design

Every experienced interior designer knows that flooring makes the foundation of every interior plan. Today, people can choose from many different flooring options and many of them make the same mistake because they are focused only on the visual appearance of the floor instead of thinking about the functionality and practicality. We should not forget that floors are exposed to different influences and they must be prepared to withstand spills, knocks, pressure from the furniture and many other things. Buying inexpensive floor is a good option for those who want to save money or at least it seems like a good option because most of these floors don’t last for a long period of time. This means that they have a low return on investment. Flooring is a serious investment and that’s why homeowners should spend some time before making their final decision about the floor they’ll use. One of the most important decisions is to decide whether you will use soft or hard flooring.


Tiles represent a type of hard flooring created from different manmade and natural materials. Mosaics, ceramic tiles, marble, and slate are some of the most popular choices today. What is important to understand is that each of these options comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. Of course, tiles have one thing in common – the fact that they are very durable in case they are maintained in a proper way. They are also resistant to high traffic meaning that they are not affected by humans and pets walking. Tiles are waterproof which is why they are frequently used in utility rooms and bathrooms. We must point out that tiles have some downsides too. For example, many people find them too cool when walking barefoot. In addition, there are some tile floorings that are very slippery making them unsuitable for children and the elderly. Depending on their pattern, they can also be difficult for installation and there are tiles that are very noisy.

On the other hand, wooden floors are one of the most popular Toronto flooring options. Even though they are considered hard flooring, they are actually quite softer compared to tiles. Thanks to the wide range of colors and nuances, people can get flooring that matches their taste and requirements. It is very easy to create a natural, warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with such floors. They are naturally noisy just like tiles, but there are ways to reduce this noisiness. The real disadvantage related to this flooring option is that they are created from soft woods making them prone to damage when women with heels walk on them. According to experts, it is the best idea to use these floors in areas where there is low traffic or to use carpets or rugs over some parts of this floor.

Although these two types of flooring is usually considered to be the most popular ones there are many other choices for homeowners looking for something different. For example, there are natural solutions like sea grass and jute or concrete. As we already mentioned, each option comes with some pros and cons. The most important thing is to analyze the use of the area where these flooring solutions are used so you can find the solution that suits that area the most.

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