Simple Home Improvement Projects You Can Do on the Weekend

Home improvement doesn’t have to be lengthy or costly. There are some great home improvement ideas you can actually do yourself. These simple projects will not only add value to your house, but also add new features and transform the look at the same time. What are the best home improvement projects to do on the weekend? Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


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An Inviting Entrance

One of the best things to do when you want to transform the look of your house is to change things up at the entrance. Depending on the design of your house, there are a few simple projects that will make the entrance more welcoming.

For starters, consider adding a bench and a small table to the entrance area of the house. This simple tweak will allow you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning. You can also have conversations with the neighbours on the bench.

Other things you can add are colours. The entrance doesn’t have to be dull at all. You can add touches of colours to the door or doorframe to make it more interesting. If you have a classic house exterior, for example, adding bright colours such as red or blue will certainly spice things up.

A Comfortable Kitchen

The entire family spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Making the room warmer and more comfortable is certainly a good thing to do. You can start by replacing the cabinets’ colours to something brighter. White usually works really well with different countertops, but other light or pastel colours can be just as effective.

Add more light to the kitchen too. You can easily replace the existing light fixtures yourself. The project shouldn’t cost a lot of money and can be really fun to do on a weekend. You can also add LED strip lights to different parts of the kitchen to introduce different moods.

Last but not least, consider adding open shelves to the kitchen. Modern kitchen designs now use a lot of open shelves to create the illusion of more space. You can achieve the same effect by replacing some of the kitchen cabinets with shelves that match.

Quick Bathroom Makeover

This next one can be a challenge, but it’s definitely a challenge worth taking. You can do so much with the bathroom. Changing the wall paint to white, replacing the marbles or tiles with brighter tones will also create the illusion of space.

Other things you can do include changing the shower – and shower curtain – and adding more storage to the bathroom. Concealed storage works really well in this instance. You can check out more bathroom storage ideas at Best Home Nerd if you need some inspiration.

Of course, these are just some project ideas to get you started. There is so much you can do around the house. The key here is to find projects you can complete on one or two weekends. This way, you can keep improving the house without having to spend too much time or money along the way.

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