How to prepare your home for a wedding

In the recent period, more and more young couples are choosing home weddings as the best way to mark this important day in their lives. There are many advantages of using your home as a wedding venue – it’s cheaper, it’s convenient and there is no doubt that you will feel more comfortable in a familiar environment. On the other hand, a home wedding is a nice opportunity for home improvement. All the things that you have postponed for years can finally be finished when you start preparing your home for a wedding. This is how you can finish this task in the best way.


To start with, you should decide whether you need to renovate the bathroom and kitchen. These are the areas (especially the bathroom) that will be frequently visited by the guests, so you don’t want to leave them to look outdated or even messy for the wedding. Evaluate the condition of these rooms and decide whether you need to get involved in a project like this or not. Don’t forget that even though this might be a costly investment it will eventually pay off because it will not only make your home look better, but it will also increase its value. Once you are finished with the renovation process, you should make sure that there are essential items found in it like hand wash, toilet paper, bathing gel, towels etc. In any case, the bathroom and the kitchen must be perfectly clean and organized. Everything in these rooms must be fully functional and prepared for heavy usage.

Furthermore, a home wedding requires decorations too. You can choose to get some permanent or temporary decorations. It is always a good idea to buy some decorations that are practical like storage boxes or decorative lamps. You can also replace your furniture too. Painting the walls is another great idea. All these things must be conducted carefully by following the latest trends. In addition, don’t forget the small details like candles, ribbons, flowers and other wedding decorations found on modern weddings. Keep in mind that the catering company will need space too. A good Toronto catering company will first send a representative to check the space and ask for changes if necessary.

According to many people who have organized a wedding like this, it is also important to clean up the backyard. In most cases, these weddings are held in this area. So, take some time to clean the clutter from the garden because even if you didn’t pay much attention in the past, now all the guests will see it. If you want to beautify your backyard, you should begin watering this area at least two weeks before the important event. In addition, eliminate all the weeds and dried plants. If there is enough time you can plant new flowers and plants and make the space more attractive. If you have potted plants in the garden move them away in order to get more space.

Finally, protect your valuables. If you have breakable things or things that have exceptional value it is the best idea to store them in a place that is secure. This day is special and you should not spend it worrying about these things. A small accident can ruin your mood.

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