How to Clean Your Home to Prevent Mosquito Infestations

Mosquitoes are awful pests that can make your entire home feel uncomfortable. Mosquitoes reproduce fast. They bite leaving behind itchy sores. You can do something about them. Here is how to clean your home to prevent mosquito infestations.

Remove Clutter and Yard Waste

Mosquitoes will use nearly anything as shelter around your home. This is why you need to start by removing clutter and yard waste. Cluttered rooms can become dens for mosquitoes. The moisture around piles of yard waste like leaves will also attract them. Remove everything that you can. Throw away items that you do not want. Try to have large, open areas in and around your home. This will help to prevent mosquitoes from taking over.

Get Rid Of All Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. You need to get rid of all standing water inside and outside of your home. Tip over buckets, planters or other containers. Do not allow standing water to sit in your sink for any length of time. Replace the water in vases daily. Removing standing water will take away the ability for mosquitoes to multiply directly on your property. If you must have standing water in something like a rain barrel, then use mosquito dunks to kill the eggs.

Patch Screens on Doors and Windows

If you are cleaning and notice a break in one of your screens, then you need to patch it right away. Even small holes or tears in window and door screens can allow mosquitoes to pass freely from the outside into your home. Keep a few adhesive screen patches on hand. Just place the patches over any tears or holes to keep mosquitoes out.

Consider Calling in the Professionals

Consider calling in a professional mosquito control service if you are starting to see an increase in the pests on your property. Professional exterminators can spray your property to kill mosquitoes and keep them away for a long time. If you are having a gathering, then professionals can use a special event spray to quickly rid your property of mosquitoes so that guests are not bothered by the pests.

Clean and Cover Trashcans

Trashcans can become homes for mosquitoes. You want to regularly clean out your trashcans so that there is no debris inside. Cover the trashcans so that mosquitoes cannot easily get to what is inside. Covering the trashcans also prevents moisture from building up inside where mosquitoes can breed.

Use Essential Oils

One final step is to use essential oils when you are cleaning around your home or outside. Mosquitoes greatly dislike the smell of most essential oils. If you put a little essential oil on your cleaning rags, then mosquitoes will avoid that area in the future. You can also set out jars of cotton balls dotted with essential oils to drive the pests away.

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