Home Water Filters For A Healthy Living

Home appliance technology has come a long way in recent years, offering homeowners lots of cool ways to interact with their kitchens. Ovens have remote controls, dishwashers can choose the best wash cycle for you, and refrigerators can show you what’s inside without opening the door. There seems to be no end in sight for these kinds of advancements.
Even with all of this exciting technology, one of the most important functions of the kitchen is to provide clean, pure water for drinking and cooking. With all of the conveniences of modern life, it’s easy to forget just how important this is. Tap water’s alright in some places, but in many cities people resort to using water filters to get better taste and refreshment. This is where refrigerators really shine – the built-in ice and water dispenser. Though simple, this is generally the most-used appliance feature in a kitchen. While they generally operate without any trouble, the filters on these do need to be changed out from time to time to keep the best taste.

Rather than replacing the filter with the standard option, many homeowners are opting to choose a higher-quality carbon filtration system. Electrolux accessories like the PureAdvantage system are one great example of a manufacturer that has started to recognize this demand. They still offer the standard replacement options, but for people that enjoy good, clean water, this type of filter can be a good addition to the home.

Traditional high-quality water filters require filling with water and placing in the refrigerator to chill. This takes up valuable shelf space and can be time-consuming for a busy household. By placing the filter directly into the fridge water line, cold water is available at all times without all the re-filling.

City water supplies are generally safe for drinking, but the flavor isn’t there. Water should taste fresh and pure, not like chlorine or excessive minerals. Bottled water can taste good, but the environmental costs of all the extra plastic add up, not to mention the cost and trips to the store they require. Having an in-home filter can be an affordable way to enjoy great quality water any time of day.

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