Create The Complete Bedding Package The Right Pieces For A Good Bed

bedThe bed is one of the most important things that you own, and you want to make sure that bed is as comfortable as it can possibly be.  There are many different parts of the bedding package that you will need to match, and finding the right pieces can take some time and effort.  Yes, you can buy bedding packages that will have all of the things that you need, but it is a better idea to mix and match pieces based on your individual wants and personality.  There are several critical pieces that you will need to make a good bedding set.


Every good set of bedding begins with the sheets.  This is the part of the bedding that you actually lay on, so spend a little extra time and money on these.  Look for sheets that have a high thread count, somewhere between 200 and 400.  This means that the sheets will have a soft and silky texture, and they will feel good on the skin.  Another thing to look for is a sheet that is hypoallergenic.  A hypoallergenic sheet resists or repels natural allergens that can irritate your skin or respiratory system.  Once you have the sheets that you want you can move on to the other elements of the bedding.


The next part of the bedding should be the comforter, the part of the bed that helps to keep you warm.  Picking a comforter involves understanding how you normally sleep and the level of warmth that you want on a regular basis.  If you are someone who is a cold sleeper, or you live in a cold climate, you will want a comforter that is thick and provides constant warmth, while a lighter comforter or a blanket is more suitable if you are a warm sleeper.  Next you need to consider how large you want the comforter to be.  Most comforters come in two sizes that you must contend with.  The normal size will be just enough to cover the bed and it is one that is must suitable for couples who do not plan to sleep with the comforter on a regular basis.  For couples that need the comforter every night, an oversized comforter is a better choice, as it has a little extra give and lets both parties get as much of the comforter as they need.  You will end with deciding the fill that you want for the comforter, choosing between down and synthetic materials.


The final piece of the bedding that you will need to purchase is a duvet.  When you pick up a high quality comforter, the last thing that you want to do is ruin it by washing the comforter in the washing machine.  A duvet is the cover that you can put around the comforter, like a pillowcase, so that you can just wash the duvet and not the entire comforter.  Like the sheets, the duvet should be hypoallergenic, and it should be made of natural fabrics that do not irritate the skin when it comes in contact with your body.  Because the duvet is the thing that people are going to see when they come in to your room, you have the ability to change the entire appearance of the room with the simple change of the duvet cover.

Your bed is a place where you will spend a lot of your time, so getting the bed made right is very important.  Along with the frame and the mattresses, the bedding is essential to making sure that you will get the best sleep possible out of your bedding.

I am Charlotte Murphy and I have been an interior designer for almost two decades.  I recommend that my customers spend the extra money to get high quality, hypoallergenic bedding from a specialty store like Bambooki if they want to get the best night’s sleep.

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