Beautiful Exteriors

beautiful exterior

If you live like a prince in your house, then there is no reason why your house should look like a pauper’s shack from the outside. Many people fail to realize the importance of decorating the exterior part of their house. They are content with displaying the best ornaments in the living room. Well, the fact remains that a house cannot be called a beautiful house if it is only pretty from within.

So if you own a house and you really want people to admire your property, you need to beautify the exteriors as well. To do so, the best option to go for would be outdoor wall fountains. Not only do the outdoor wall fountains look pretty, but they also make your garden or porch stand apart. The outdoor wall fountains will surely give rise to some envious looks from your neighbors, but when you have the joy of owning such an exquisite ornament, you can simply smile away.

The outdoor wall fountains are available in various shapes and forms, not to mention sizes. Some of them have to be installed permanently on the walls and some can just be hung from the walls. The outdoor wall fountains which generally hang from the walls are comparatively smaller in size and weigh much lesser than the other outdoor wall fountains.

The best ones

You can find a variety of outdoor wall fountains on the internet. Some of the best outdoor wall fountains are listed below.

Tivoli Sun Wall Fountain:

As the name suggests, the fountain depicts the Sun, or rather the ancient version of the Sun God. The symbol of the Sun God is known to be a powerful symbol which portrays immense strength and brevity. When such a powerful element is combined with the calm and cool effect of water, the amalgamation of two contractor elements leads to an enchanting visual delight. The Tivoli Sun Wall Fountain is perfect for your garden and is priced at $149.99.

The Starburst Wall Fountain:

This is yet another example of minimalistic décor. It is a simply designed fountain, with an oval shaped top and a flower pattern in the centre. The best thing about this one is the simplicity with which it has been created. More often than not, people become so engrossed in admiring the beauty of the sculptures and patterns that are found in most fountains that they forget to appreciate the play of the main element which is water. They are extremely stupefied by the sculptor’s genius and in turn they fail to listen to the soothing music of trickling water. This piece here maintains the essence of a fountain in the true sense. The Starburst Wall Fountain is priced at $149.99.

Lotus Leaf Wall Bird Bath Fountain:

This piece of work is highly appreciated for its intricate detailing and overall charm. It’s a three tier fountain, with each tier shaped like a lotus leaf and crafted like a bird bath. If you just glance at it you might think that there are three bird baths of different sizes positioned in a vertical way. The idea behind the creation of this fountain is noteworthy and deserves all the praises from the onlookers. The fountain is of a darker shade which enhances the old-world charm of the Victorian Age. This one will surely be a show-stopper should you decide to install it in your garden. The beautiful Lotus Leaf Wall Bird Bath Fountain is priced at $439.99 and is available online.

Kenroy Home Galway Wall Fountain:

This one is a simple, subtle and extremely stylish piece of work. This fountain has a distinct sophistication of its own which is quite rare to find. It is a plain, oval shaped fountain with a square pattern in the centre. The best part about this one are the lights attached at the bottom of the fountain. It creates a faint glow when it is reflected from the stone structure and creates a delightful visual effect. This fountain has an earthy look to it and would be admired by many for its sublime presence. The Kenroy Home Galway Wall Fountain is priced at $268.20.

If you dig deeper into the world of outdoor wall fountains you will be overwhelmed with the results of your search. There are so many varieties available, that your mind will constantly buzz with ideas. It also propels you towards the world of design, and you cannot help but surrender to the extraordinary genius of the creators of such masterpieces.

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