When your Modern Family wants Old Fashioned Value

Watch any of those home improvement shows on television, and one thing becomes clear quickly.  There is lots of value in updated kitchens and bathrooms.  And most couples looking for a new home say having room for family to stay with them when they come to visit is a top priority.  Watching the couples battle it out over architectural details is always fun, especially when he wants mid-century modern, and she wants a Victorian.  But somehow, by the end of the episode, they’ve come to a compromise.  When they show the finale, which is usually taped a few months later, they are usually happy with their choice, even though it wasn’t at all what they initially wanted.

In those episodes, a lot of attention goes to kitchens and bathrooms, but living spaces often are the point of first impression.  When an open floor plan is desired, one of the first things you’ll hear a couple say is “let’s get rid of this wall.”    It’s amazing how taking down a wall can add so much liveable space to an otherwise cramped home.  Many old bungalow style houses are flipped based on taking out the walls that used to define living rooms from dining rooms and both rooms from kitchens.  Today’s modern families want to see and be seen from the living spaces in the home.  Gone are the days when the whole family gathered around one little television set.  Now, with ginormous flat screen tv’s commanding the center of attention, families want to feel closer together.  Mom’s no longer slaving away in an overheated kitchen off the dining room down the hall.  Now, she might be streaming her recipe on demand, and helping junior with his homework while he sits at the large island in the kitchen.  And baby’s not crying upstairs feeling all alone.  She’s in her play center, entertaining herself with her age appropriate electronic device.  And she can’t even walk yet.   Whether you desire the latest in gadgets and technology, or favor the quaint kitchens of yesteryear, you can count on the people at Loews to help you keep your property maintained.

If you buy a home and decide you’d like to knock out a wall, tear up the carpet, or haul away outdated, inefficient appliances and replace them with new, talk to their friendly staff for guidance.  But first, take a look at the money saving deals you can get when you search Groupon and combine them with a Loews coupon.   Not only do they offer Mother’s Day deals, they also offer discounts to those who serve in the military, offer free local delivery, and will save you as much as 40% off tools and even more on clearance items.

And you aren’t limited to saving on what you see in the store.  They list thousands of items on their website that would never fit inside a brick and mortar store.  But with a few clicks of your mouse, you can have them delivered to your house or apartment, and often times for free.  Best, there’s no membership fees, no subscription rates to pay, or coupon clipping.   You’ll find quality merchandise, nationally advertised brands, superior customer service and a vast stock of items for your home, garden, auto, garage, basement, attic, entertainment center or any other space you can think of.  And they will welcome all the discounts your are entitled to when you use a loews coupon from Groupon anytime.

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