South bay Energy – Easy Tips For Saving Energy Costs During the Winter

The summer may have only just begun but today we are going to turn our attention to the winter and how you can save big bucks on your energy bills. The winter is the time when we need our energy the most, especially the heating systems and that can prove to be expensive for many. I have a good friend Steve who works for South Bay Energy and he has been giving me some tips on how to save energy throughout the winter months, let’s take a look at his top tips.


Close The Doors


As Steve rightfully says, not all energy saving tips are that complicated and one of the easiest to do is to make sure that you keep doors closed at all times. If you leave doors open in the home then you will let the heat spread through the house, to rooms which don’t need it. Furthermore Steve says that when you do this you will be diluting the heat so that you will never really feel the benefit.


Sealing Up


One of the reasons why we are talking about this now is to give you enough time to get prepared for the winter ahead. Steve and the guys at South Bay Energy are running something of a campaign to help people get prepared for winter and another great tip which they have is to ensure that your windows and exterior doors are all sealed up. If you fail to seal these outlets then you will literally be watching heat escape your home, meaning that you end up spending more money on staying warm and literally throwing dollars out of the window. Get these areas checked out as soon as possible.




Something which Steve and the team at South Bay Energy really recommend is that you get a heating system which works on a timer in order to trim down your energy costs. If you get up at 6am and you want the house to be warm, you only need that heating to come on at 530. Equally if everyone is out of the house by 9, you can turn it off at 830. In this situation many people leave their heating on all of the time which costs a huge amount of money. Timers will ensure that the house is warm when you need it, without costing you an arm and a leg.




Steve also points to the fact that heating isn’t always required and there are many situations where you can simply put some extra layers of clothing on in order to stay warm. If you are alone in a big house then there is no point in heating up the home just for you, the best course of action here is to get some warm clothing on and don’t put the heating on, do that and you’ll save money and still stay warm.


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