Is It Time to Start that Money Making Blog?

It seems that just about everyone has some sort of blog nowadays. If you ask people in your family if they have their own blog, there is a very good chance someone will raise their hand. As of this date, there are at least 500 million blogs on the internet. With so many people sharing their thoughts and knowledge online, maybe it is time you do the same.


What Is a Blog?

Don’t be ashamed if you aren’t quite sure what a blog is. We all had to find out some time and right now is your moment. A blog is a website, usually ran and operated by one person, that is updated frequently as the person shares their views and opinions on various topics. It is written in an informal way so it is almost read like you are talking to a dear friend. It might have been created to promote a business, a product, yourself, or as just a way to communicate with others.


Can People Blog for a Living?

Every now and then, you will hear someone saying they are a professional blogger. This basically means that the blog is their only employment. They have created a career by making a blog and updating it constantly. However, it is tougher to make money with a blog than most people think. A recent survey of 1,000 bloggers was conducted. They were asked how much money they have made from their blog. The reply was 81 percent have made less than $100 from their blog. Not the best numbers if you were thinking about quitting your day job to take up professional blogging.


It Is a Fun Hobby Though!

Being able to share your experiences with others through your blog is sort of like letting people read your diary in some respects. You are opening up a part of your life to others. If you look at it as a hobby first and a money-making opportunity second, you will be able to keep things in perspective better. Creating a blog can give you that creative inspiration that you have been searching for in life.


If you are unsure about how to go about creating a blog, go ahead and trust a web hosting in Canada that can help you choose a domain name and take care of putting the site on the internet. You do not have to be technically inclined to share your blog with the masses!


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