Car Cleaning Mistakes And Tips To Remember

Washing a car and cleaning the interior can be seen as big chores for many owners. It is something that takes a lot of time and you can actually make mistakes without even realizing why it happens. Fortunately, there are always different things that you can do.

Be sure that you wash the car and the interior only after you go to the auto repair shop if such a visit is scheduled. Do use the wheel alignment services in Lakewood, Arvada & Westminster first so you do not have to clean your car two times. Sometimes mechanics end up making things dirty inside and outside the car. If you just want to clean the car, the exterior can easily be taken care of with a good car wash. It is much more important to avoid car cleaning mistakes if you do all this alone. Here are those common mistakes that should always be avoided.

Don’t Wash The Car When The Sun Is Hot

Sunny days are not a good idea because the car simply dies way too fast. You can so easily end up having to deal with water spots. Car cleaning should be done in the evening or in the morning as the sun is not as strong and you have enough time to do everything right.

Dish Soap Does Not Work Great On The Exterior

Dish detergent is so commonly used to wash cars these days but it is a huge mistake. Dish detergent is great for your dishes but it is really harsh for car paint. As a result, it is normal to end up with scratches, similar to how a spider web looks like.

Using A Single Water Bucket

It is always a lot better to use two buckets. One of them is to be used for the soapy water and the other one is to be used for rinsing. When you rinse the car with the exact same water you used to wash, scratching paint is possible due to the dirt you removed being put back on the car. The clean bucket is also going to guarantee that you remove all the soap and that none remains on the vehicle.

Cleaning From Bottom To Top

Alternatively, another mistake is to haphazardly wash the car’s exterior in random directions. The very best way in which you can prevent the appearance of streaks is to clean cars from the top towards the bottom. Water will not run on towards dry patches in the middle of the wash. Scratches are prevented because you clean in a sole direction.

Not Cleaning Tires

Tires are always really dirty so you do want to also wash them. The good news is that this is easy since there are various wheel cleaners you can buy for under $10. You do not want to have dirt or mud stuck to your tires so be sure you clean tires.

Rolling Windows Down Too Fast

The last thing we should mention is that the car needs around 3 hours to dry completely. This is not common knowledge and many owners just roll down windows. This will cause the appearance of water streaks.

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