Organizing Small Bedrooms With Really Simple Tips

Small bedrooms should not feel intimidating when decorating. There are so many things that you can do in order to make these parts of your home better. One of those is to focus on organization. The way in which everything is laid out can do wonders, even if the available space is really small. Some great suggestions you do want to take into account are listed below so you can organize even the smallest bedrooms in a highly effective way.

Minimalism First

Furniture shops will have you believe that some bedroom furniture is absolutely necessary when the truth is the exact opposite. For instance, having a bench near the bed or a great vanity table will look great in magazine photos but if the bedroom is small, it will make everything uncomfortable.

Start organizing the bedroom by thinking about what you need and what you do not need. Generally speaking, in all bedrooms you need a place where you sleep, space for storage items and a place where clothes are stored. Not much extra is necessary. If the bedroom is small, you do not need the desk or extra dressers.

Use Space Under Beds

There are things that are common knowledge but that we tend to forget about. When we have plumbing problems we contact Tyabb emergency plumbers. When we need help with electrical problems, we contact an electrician. When we need more storage space, we look for unused space in a room.

With the smaller bedroom, the one storage area we often forget about is the one under the bed. You can easily keep off-season clothes or shoes there. You just have to be sure that there is enough space available for properly storing what you want. Consider storing giftwraps, linens, books, toys, out-of-season clothes and luggage under beds.

Clear Nightstands

If the bedroom does not have much furniture, you are naturally tempted to add things to the nightstand. Avoid this and buy nightstands that have drawers. You are naturally tempted to buy great-looking furniture that does not have a lot of storage space available but you should resist this urge. Buy nightstands that have a minimum of 2 drawers and use them to store smaller items. As an extra tip, remember that lamps can also be mounted on the wall, not just put on nightstands.

Often Declutter

When organizing the smaller bedroom you naturally clear all that you do not need but this does not mean that clutter will not eventually appear again. Organizing the room is all about avoiding it from becoming messy in the first place. The best thing that you can do is to create a cleaning schedule. Stick to it and declutter weekly so that you always have free space and you do not end up having to deal with excessive clutter.

Creative Storage Spaces

Last but not least, you can always get really creative when it comes to storage space in smaller rooms. One of the options that should be considered is taking advantage of the vertical space available. You do not want to add many boxes and shelves to the walls but one extra shelf can do wonders in organizing everything.

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