Ron Cadman – Budget Tips to Fit Your Garden

Do you have garden envy when it comest o your neighbors? This was something which I never realized was even a thing until my family and I moved up here to Alberta, Canada. At first I thought that there must be an annual competitions of gardens or something like that because every single one of my neighbors had the most beautiful gardens, front and back. The house we bought was very much a doer-upper and that meant that we just had so much to focus on inside the house that the garden was the last thing on our mind. Whenever we were invited around to other people’s houses for a barbecue or for drinks however I felt like a fraud and I knew that everyone recognized us as the neighbor with the ugly garden. It got to the point where I as ready to go and see a lender to fix the garden, but thankfully one neighbor, Ron Cadman, was bale to give us some tips on improving our garden on a budget.


Pallet Decking


Decking was something which I really wanted in the garden but the prices of decking are pretty high and it was out of our reach. I thought the prices were high in the USA but here it costs an arm and a leg to get decking. Ron was able to put me in touch with a warehouse who sold pallets on the cheap, and we were able to collect enough to create a beautiful decked area outside the home. All we needed to do was sand and varnish the pallets, and they slotted perfectly together.


Clean Up


The biggest difference which we saw in the garden was after we had spent some time cleaning it up. This may sound pretty simple but it took around 3 days of work to clear out all of the trash and the weeds, once that was done however the garden looked completely different. This of course was absolutely free and it made a huge difference to our gardens front and back.




Another suggestion which Ron gave us was to buy some old metal and antiques for the garden and so we went to local thrift shop and managed to pick up an old bicycle and some other bits and pieces to place around the garden. This cost us next to nothing and the impact which they had was brilliant. There is something about the juxtaposition of this old metal alongside fresh growing plants that just looked great.


Sewing for the Future


I didn’t think that we’d be able to afford many plants but that was because I was thinking instant success. What we decided to do instead of this was to buy some seeds and sew them for the years ahead. All we needed was a little bit of cash and some patience and surely enough the following year our beautiful little plants began to bloom.


If you have garden envy, try out these tips to give your garden a transformation around your homes.

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